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Market Intelligence

As leaders in Market Intelligence we are able to offer our clients comprehensive industry MI and Indices (ie. New Build Index, First Time Buyer Report, Mortgage Monitor and Buy to Let Index),  support them in their understanding of the housing market and assess every risk factor from local demand and market trends.

Such is the value of our MI that: The Bank of England, National House Builders Federation, Cambridge University, the DCLG, MPC and many MPs have all used it as a source of information.

We can provide you with real time, market leading, data on: demand, prices, markets, build and stock sales making them an important part of the client’s strategic review and planning.

Housing Market Intelligence

INSITE Reports

LSL Land & New Homes Insite Reports;  are an exclusively commissioned report designed to provide detailed information on specific locations, chosen by developers looking for their next project.

The report ensures the developer is equipped with the most up-to-date information, with over 35 different sections: New  Build price movements, New Build Premium based on £/psf selling rates, New Build Activity Index, Monitoring current and past developments, plot by plot pricing, to name a few. These reports are critical. Ensuring the right decisions are made at every stage. For many developers it is like having an additional member of the team doing all the groundwork and research for them.

As you are aware this is the fourth such report you have provided and I am delighted to confirm that it has been universally well received. 

It combines detailed and comprehensive market research (current and historical), data analysis and planning summaries that are sufficient to quieten, investor partners, lenders and their valuers all in one go! Coupling the foregoing with your very fast and early response to our requests, this is a powerful tool in our current growth plans. 

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