InSite Reports: Housing market intelligence reports for a specific site and area

LSL Land & New Homes INSITE Reports have been designed to provide detailed information on specific locations, chosen by developers, looking for their next project.

With over 35 different sections/areas covered within each report, it’s like having an additional member of the team doing all the ground work and research for you - but at a fraction of the cost.

Below is a brief summary of the information carried within the INSITE Report:

  • New Build price movements
  • Your New Build Premium Based on £/psf selling rates
  • New Build Activity Index
  • The most accurate measure available in the market place of who is building and where
  • Monitoring current and past developments
  • Land Registry and £/psf selling data
  • Plot by plot pricing

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INSITE Reports - Giving you the right knowledge to build upon

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