The UK’s leading experts in selling land

The UK’s leading land experts

The LSL Land & New Homes team can be found in all regions across the UK. To arrange a no obligation onsite appraisal, or even just to talk through options available to you, contact the team today.

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How to Sell Land

The UK’s leading experts in selling land 

LSL Land & New Homes gives land owners the ability to offer their asset for sale to the whole market. With our free expert advice, appraisals and an open market valuation, we can help you maximise your return. The LSL Land & New Homes team will carefully assess a site and then package the opportunity in a way that maximises the chances of selling it, which ensures that we obtain the best possible price.

How do we achieve this

  • A national team of land experts, who possess the experience to source and advise on all land, development and planning matters.

  • Unique market knowledge, providing detailed land valuation reports that are tailored to suit individual requirements, supporting you at every stage.

  • Extensive contact base offering allows us to offer, on and off, market sites


There are a number of different sale methods that we can utilise. We simply select the method that best fits the characteristics of the land.

The methods include;

1. Private Treaty Sale

2. Informal Tender

3. Formal Tender

4. Off-Market Sale

A Tailored Service

LSL Land & New Homes can provide you with a bespoke sales service, when it comes to the sale of your land. By utilizing the very latest technology, through the use of our far reaching Social Media and property portal marketing outlets, we constantly achieve the results our clients desire.

Another popular method of selling land is through auctions, click here to see how we can help sell your land through the modern method of auctions. 

It's a simple process when selling land with us


1. Valuation

Free and with no obligation.
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2. Carry Out Due Diligence

Background checks on the planning status and other relevant aspects.
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3. Formal instruction

Agree the terms of engagement and relevant timescales (if the site is scheduled for marketing).

4. Marketing

Carefully package the site, prepare professional sales particulars and market the land via the leading property portals/websites.

5. Bid Process

Determine the type/length of the bid process and market accordingly.
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6. Offer Acceptance

Carefully assess/compare the offers received and provide a suitable recommendation if a bid reaches a satisfactory level.

7. Planning

Formally instruct solicitors to prepare a suitable sale contract.
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8. Conclude Sale

The sale will conclude upon the exchange/completion of the sale contract, or when certain aspects of a conditional offer are met.

FAQ for selling land

How much is land worth?

Land value can vary depending on many variables, typically and acre of farmland in the UK is valued at between £12,000 and £15,000.

What is the difference between greenfield and brownfield land?

The difference between the two can be easily summarised as brownfield land has previously been developed on and greenfield land is undeveloped, agricultural areas of land that are being considered for urban development.

Each one comes with different pros and cons but is it mostly accepted that brownfield land is easy to obtain planning permission and easier to sell. The Government is committed to developing brownfield sites as a priority and there are 66.000 hectares of these sites in England. A local council will generally look very favourably on restoration projects to clean up local eye sores or remove hazards in favour of more additional housing.

What planning permission do I need to sell my land?

Selling land generally falls into two types of planning scenarios. Selling land with permission and selling land without planning permission.

Selling with planning permission usually achieves the higher sales price as it removes risk for the buyers and gives them certainty that they can develop the land.

Where do you operate?

We deal with land across the UK. our specialist team are located across the country providing you with local and national knowledge.

How big does my garden plot need to be?

We do need a minimum of around 500 square feet (approximately 46 square metres) to make a plot viable. That’s about the size of a double garage.

Does the space I want to sell need to be square or rectangular?

No, each developer will have their own design and many are keen to adopt a unique approach.


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