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Are you looking to buy a property but finding it challenging to get on the housing ladder? Shared ownership could be the solution you've been searching for.

At The SO Hub, we specialise in providing high-quality shared ownership properties that make homeownership more accessible. Our portfolio includes a range of modern apartments and houses in desirable locations, catering to diverse budgets and needs.

Benefits of Shared Ownership.

Affordable Entry Point:

With shared ownership, you can purchase a share of a property, typically between 25% and 75%, making it more achievable to get on the property ladder.

Flexible Financing:

You'll only need to secure a mortgage for your share of the property, reducing the upfront costs and monthly payments.

Gradual Ownership:

Over time, you can increase your share of the property as your financial situation improves, eventually owning the home outright.

Diverse Locations:

Our shared ownership properties are situated in sought-after areas, offering you the chance to live in your desired location.

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