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Is it necessary to emphasise on outdoor space in your development plans?

Posted 19/01/2022 by Land and new homes

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It is already widely recognised that a garden, or even a balcony, adds a premium to any property on the sales or rental market.

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The trend is also perceptible amongst rentals, with research suggesting outside green space is a number one priority.

The experience of lockdown has only made these trends more pronounced. 

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What the last two years have really reinforced, is that outside as well as inside is important when it comes to choosing our homes, particularly because of the wellbeing boost that can be achieved through contact with nature.

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That’s just in terms of physical health, access to nature has also been revealed to improve sleep, stress levels, sociability, memory and creativity. With all of these benefits, perhaps it is time to begin considering usable, accessible, outside space as a necessity, not just an amenity. 

Developers are already recognising the emphasis people place on outside space, the rise of glitzy skyscrapers for the build to rent sector, has seen conscious design of outside spaces that can be used by residents to improve sociability and wellbeing. Other housing developers are recognising how green space can benefit the ecosystem as well as residents, for example, Genesis Homes’ Farries Field development includes 4.5 acres of open space and play areas, allowing residents access to outdoor spaces and protecting some of the natural environment.

It’s understandable that there are financial and social pressures to maximise the amount of housing on a plot of land, but developers should be finding the right spaces to develop homes that benefit people’s health and wellbeing. Talk to our Land Experts to find the perfect space for your development.

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