The Complete Service for Buying & Selling Land

How to Sell Land?

LSL Land & New Homes gives land owners the ability to offer their asset for sale to the whole market. With our free expert advice, appraisals and an open market valuation, we can help you maximise your return.

The LSL Land & New Homes team will carefully assess a site and then package the opportunity in a way that maximises the chances of selling it, which ensures that we obtain the best possible price. To achieve this, we carefully assess each opportunity and quickly identify the issues that need resolving in order to optimise the capital return.

There are a number of different sale methods that we can utilise and we simply select the method that best fits the characteristics of the land. The methods are;

• Private Treaty Sale

• Informal Tender

• Formal Tender

• Off-market Sale

How to Buy Development Land?

There are a number of ways to buy land, such as submitting sealed bids, negotiating through an agent or bidding at auction. Local authorities, utility companies or even developers often have spare land for sale. Whichever method you choose, make sure your research is complete before settling on your plot.

With any investment it is always best to outline your budget, costs and resale plan. Research is also best as you will need to consider many factors before purchasing which is where a charted surveyor can advise.

They will typically look for the following factors:

  • Flood risks

  • Pollution

  • Trees

  • Soil quality

  • Existing structures

  • Nearby power lines

  • Plus much more

Another key factor to consider is planning permission and whether the plot sits on greenfield or brownfield site.

All new build propositions need to submit a full planning application and not all councils are excited at the proposition of new homes being built. You may find that some plots come with planning permission and if this is the case it will reduce the risks you might face and you will be able to have the certainty that you are able to develop the land.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is land worth?

Land value can vary depending on many variables, typically an acre of farmland in the UK is valued at between £12,000 and £15,000.

How to get the best price for my land purchase?

Although land is a physical asset and will always have a base value many variables such as location and demand for investment can affect the price you pay. Planning permission can also greatly affect the costs and land with planning permission will be significantly higher.

What is the difference between Greenfield and brownfield land?

The difference between the two can be easily summarised as brownfield land has previously been developed on and greenfield land is undeveloped, agricultural areas of land that are being considered for urban development.

Each one comes with different pros and cons but is it mostly accepted that brownfield land is easy to obtain planning permission and easier to sell. The Government is committed to developing brownfield sites as a priority and there are 66.000 hectares of these sites in England. A local council will generally look very favourably on restoration projects to clean up local eye sores or remove hazards in favour of more additional housing.

What planning permission do I need to build houses on?

Land generally falls into two types of planning scenarios. Land with permission and land without planning permission. It is essential that you clarify with the local authority how they will let you use the land and ensure that the right permissions are granted.

How to apply for planning permission?

To apply for planning permission, contact your LPA through your local council. If your project needs planning permission and you do the work without getting it, you can be served an ‘enforcement notice’ ordering you to undo all the changes you have made.

How is land brought?

There are a number of ways to buy land such as;

Whichever method you choose it is always best to speak to a professional land agent first.

What is the legal process of buying land?

Having a solicitor who specialises in land sales will save you time and more importantly money. Hold ups can often occur when the wrong information is provided and a trained legal professional will help speed up any delays and be able to check surveys and assessments for you.

How do you exchange and complete on a land sale?

Once your solicitor is happy with everything and all checks have been made you will be notified that you are ok to sign the contract and transfer funds to your solicitor ready for exchange. If your contract stipulates that the sale is dependent on planning consent then contracts can be exchanged on a conditional basis. This aside, once you have exchanged, you will be legally bound to the contract providing all conditions have been met.

What can I do with my land?

Once your purchase completes, you will need to make sure your land is insured, particularly if it is to become a building site. It is important to make sure your chosen builder and architect are closely aligned before the build process begins. You may wish to appoint an experienced project manager to closely look after the development.

How do I sell my new build houses?

If you plan to build homes on your new site then it is important to find the right new homes agent. Using a specialist new homes agent will help with speed and compliance issues that can arise from selling homes. Our specialist new homes team can help sell your homes no matter the size, click here to see how our new homes team can help you.