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The UK’s leading land experts

The LSL Land & New Homes team can be found in all regions across the UK. To arrange a no obligation onsite appraisal, or even just to talk through options available to you, contact the team today.

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How to sell your land

Sell Your UK Land the Smart Way: Work with an LSL Land Agent

When it comes to selling your land in the United Kingdom, working with an experienced estate agent is often the smartest approach. While you could try to sell the property privately, using a knowledgeable agent can provide significant advantages that help maximise the sale price, speed and simplify the overall process.

Why You Should Use an Estate Agent to Sell Your Land in the UK

Accurate Valuation: Land agents have deep expertise in the local land market. They'll be able to provide an up-to-date, accurate valuation of your property based on recent comparable sales. This ensures you price the land competitively to attract the right buyers.

Extensive Marketing: Agents have well-established marketing channels and strategies to widely promote your land listing. They'll list the property on the major property portals, network with other agents, and leverage their connections with potential buyers. This maximises the exposure of your land to the right target audience.

Streamlined Legal Process: Perhaps most importantly, a good agent will handle all the complex legal and administrative tasks involved in the land sale. They'll prepare the necessary documents, liaise with your solicitor, negotiate the terms on your behalf, and oversee the completion of the transaction. This takes a huge burden off your shoulders.

Higher Sale Price: While there are agent fees to consider, the value they provide in terms of pricing, marketing, and streamlining the sale process often results in a higher final sale price and smoother overall experience. Working with an agent is generally the most efficient way for most landowners to successfully sell their property.

If you're ready to sell your UK land, contact us today and one of our agents will be happy to guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful, profitable transaction.


How will an LSL Land agent sell my land?

LSL Land & New Homes can provide you with a bespoke sales service, when it comes to the sale of your land. By utilising the very latest technology, through the use of our far reaching Social Media and property portal marketing outlets, we constantly achieve the results our clients desire.

Another popular method of selling land is through auctions, click here to see how we can help sell your land through the modern method of auctions. 

It's a simple process when selling land with us


1. Valuation

Free and with no obligation.
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2. Carry Out Due Diligence

Background checks on the planning status and other relevant aspects.
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3. Formal instruction

Agree the terms of engagement and relevant timescales (if the site is scheduled for marketing).

4. Marketing

Carefully package the site, prepare professional sales particulars and market the land via the leading property portals/websites.

5. Bid Process

Determine the type/length of the bid process and market accordingly.
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6. Offer Acceptance

Carefully assess/compare the offers received and provide a suitable recommendation if a bid reaches a satisfactory level.

7. Planning

Formally instruct solicitors to prepare a suitable sale contract.
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8. Conclude Sale

The sale will conclude upon the exchange/completion of the sale contract, or when certain aspects of a conditional offer are met.

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