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Lincolnshire is a large county in the east of England. Lincoln's economy is mostly centred around agriculture, and has one city and several large towns, including Lincoln, Grantham, Boston and Skegness. The county offers city, rural and coastal living as well as a combination of all three, making it perfect for those looking for a quiet countryside lifestyle as well as those looking for more bustling activity in one of the county's large towns or cities. The home of Margaret Thatcher, Isaac Newton and Jim Broadbent, Lincolnshire is a pleasant and picturesque county in which to live. Lincolnshire offers a range of activities perfect for everyone. Historians can visit the beautiful manor houses such as Woolsthorpe Manor or Belton House, and enjoy museums such as the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and the Museum of RAF firefighting. Arty types can visit the art galleries of Lincoln and Grimsby, whilst those looking for a busy nightlife can enjoy the pubs and clubs in Lincoln. Outdoorsy types can explore the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, whilst those looking for a seaside day out can visit historic Skegness. Properties for sale in the area Lincolnshire vary from beautiful apartments facing the sea to homes set in rolling countryside to terraces in