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Find the perfect home for festive fun as well as everyday living

Posted 18/12/2023 by LSL Land & New Homes
Family Christmas Dinner

Did you know that every year property portal Rightmove see a huge increase in activity in the period after Christmas? In fact, last year they saw a 69% increase in visits from 4th December to 9th January, as well as a significant increase in valuation requests and properties appearing for sale in the post-Christmas day period. But what drives this rush for house hunting following the holiday season? It's not just about unwrapping presents; it's about finding homes that are perfectly suited for both everyday living and those memorable special occasions.

christmas boom

There’s lots of important factors to consider when you’re looking for a new home – finding the perfect location, a home with enough space, and in the condition you are happy to move into. We’re not suggesting you need to ditch all these considerations for the sake of a house with the perfect Christmas tree spot! However, Christmas sees people spending special time in their homes, friends and families gathering together for parties and meals, or just an opportunity to take the time to sit around rather than rush about, this makes Christmas the perfect opportunity to realise everything you really want from an ideal home.

Consider Christmas dinner, cooking a festive feast might just highlight subtle home inconveniences that go unnoticed at other times. From inconveniently arranged appliances to limited worktop spaces, a well-designed kitchen can make cooking easier all year round, in fact one survey found that 43% of people with a new kitchen found that they cooked more meals at home. The average cost of cooking a Christmas meal for 5 people at home is around £30 cheaper than buying a meal out, and with the added benefits of all the leftovers still in the fridge! If your kitchen is putting you off cooking your own Christmas feast, maybe it’s time to consider what a better designed space could help you achieve.

Christmas dinner infographic

Perhaps cooking meals might not be the problem, but attempting to seat all the guests you want is a bit of a squeeze. Buying a house with a bigger dining room, or more flexible open plan space might make all the difference, and plenty of people would agree, with searches for “open plan house” having increased by 168% from 2019 to 2021. Open plan living especially helps when it comes to creating sociable spaces where people can be involved in cooking, eating and relaxing all in the same space.

open plan living

There’s more to consider when accommodating guests, consider homes with spare bedrooms that can comfortably host family and friends. Alternatively, a home office space can serve dual purposes. Such spaces are increasingly sought after in the last few years’ post-pandemic, with a 326% jump in use of terms ’office’, ‘workspace’ and ‘working from home’ in property listings, this room can then be useful all year round and accommodate an extra guest when needed. Adequate bathroom facilities, such as a second bathroom or an extra W/C, are also crucial when hosting parties.

The festive season is a time for families to come together, and a home should be able to meet the needs of growing children. This might mean having enough bedrooms for siblings or addressing storage concerns as toys accumulate over time. Outside space can be important too, when ferrying family around Christmas parties and events a spacious driveway might just go to the top of your must-have list.

The period leading up to New Years can be a time of reflection, perhaps your home is suiting your current needs, but you’ve realised you want to live a little differently. Or maybe all that time spent at home simply inspires you to get on with a home move you’ve been considering for a while. Moving house is a big decision, and not one to be taken on a whim, but at a time of year when you stop and consider what really matters, it might be that you realise you want a home that brings a little more sparkle to every day of the year.

If you’re looking to move house in the New Year, LSL Land & New Homes have new homes developments across the country, take a look!


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