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Outside Space, an Energising and Practical Asset

Posted 17/05/2024 by LSL Land & New Homes
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Walking down streets with the faint whiff of barbecues, it finally feels like summer is here. When the sun does come out, many of us take the first opportunity to get out into the garden to enjoy the weather. Spaces that might have been largely ignored in a rainy February are suddenly a key addition to our homes’ living space. Ultimately, gardens offer a range of practical and personal benefits that contribute to the value of our homes and even impact our overall wellbeing.

There is a real and tangible value to gardens in terms of house prices, with recent data suggesting a landscaped garden can add up to 77% to a home’s value. In practice, the value of gardens does vary by region, and is demonstrably more important in urban areas where green space is less accessible, as well as being dependent on size. However, research has found that 50% of homeowners felt that a well-designed garden was as or more important to them than a well-designed kitchen or bathroom, emphasising the importance of intentional design.

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The variable value of gardens is linked to the variety of uses people get from them. One survey found the most popular use is for somewhere to sit and relax, while other important uses include places for children to play or a space needed for beloved household pets. The post-pandemic shift to homeworking has also seen a rise in garden offices, which offer another practical use for outdoor space and can impact house value by an estimated £15,000. The pandemic also saw a spike in people investing in their gardens, with a reported £16 billion spent in the year from the first lockdown. These investments could definitely have boosted the value of people's homes, as the external look of a home is usually the first thing buyers see!

Yet the value of a garden extends far beyond its financial implications. Spending time outdoors has a profound impact on mental health and overall well-being, as many people discovered during the pandemic. Various mental health benefits were reported;

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The impacts of time outdoors can even be measured in terms of physical health, as a psychiatrist found that within 3 or 4 minutes of being in a garden, people's heart rate and blood pressure drop. Gardens also foster a sense of connection with the natural environment, encouraging responsible treatment of the planet — an aspect that positively impacts everybody’s health. Furthermore, gardens often enable pet ownership, which itself is good for mental wellbeing, 87% of dog owners and 82% of cat owners report that their pets made them mentally healthier.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to private or even communal gardens, but for the almost 90% of people who do they are evidently an asset not to be overlooked. In fact, even if private green space is not available, just looking out a window onto a green view has been shown to have positive mental health benefits. When falling in love with a home emotional connections are built on the feelings of refreshment and peace we feel. Spaces that might have a large window overlooking green space, can help to achieve a feeling of sanctuary. Growing recognition of the positive impacts gardens provide is also having an impact when it comes to building new homes, with the size of gardens of new build homes having increased by up to 20% since 2013. House builders are also increasingly considering how developments can be built to incorporate precious green spaces that benefit the whole community.

When embarking on the journey of house hunting, it is crucial to recognise the manifold advantages that gardens offer to you and your family. They hold substantial value in terms of resale potential, serve a multitude of practical purposes, and contribute to your overall health and well-being. Find a home that embraces the refreshing and energising space of a garden.

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