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Why do we fall in love with our homes?

Posted 15/02/2024 by LSL Land & New Homes
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The saying goes home is where the heart is. Why do our homes have such an emotional pull? The truth lies in the intangible difference between a house and a home, whilst houses might just be bricks and mortar, homes offer a sanctuary, where you can find comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. 

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A 2017 study revealed that a remarkable 83% of homeowners feel an emotional attachment to their homes. In this blog we delve into exactly why a particular space can have such a profound impact on your psyche, and try to understand how to make that all-important transformation from ‘a house to a home’.

Our homes are our havens, and familiarity is key to why these environments are the best place for us to relax, unwind and recharge. From a scientific point of view, shelter is an essential and physical human need, but at a deeper psychological level, a sense of security and feeling of belonging also help us to be more at ease, and the feeling of being at home addresses that perfectly. In fact, psychological research has begun to suggest that attachment to a place correlates with a higher quality of life. In our own homes, the sense of belonging can be fostered by designing a space that feels perfectly tailored to you, choosing the comfiest furniture and calming colour schemes help a space feel personal. At a basic level the ability to tailor a home to your specific needs can make it much easier to love, maybe the home you fall in love with is the one with the laundry room that will just make life that little bit easier. New build homes are often tailored more thoughtfully for the demands of modern life, giving you a head start on the comforts that make you feel at home. On moving in, you can also tailor rooms to your specific interests, creating your own chef’s kitchen or personal library so you can indulge in a hobby that makes you feel most at home.

64% of people feel that local restaurants are  important in building a sense of community.  friends eating

Whilst the quiet sanctuary of our homes might be best enjoyed privately, the value of ‘home’ extends beyond its physical boundaries. A sense of community is a very significant factor in making a place feel more like a home, and this is one of the reasons location is such a driving force behind housing demand, with 3 in 4 home buyers citing a sense of community as important in their home search. The best kinds of neighbourhoods feel not only like a safe environment but also boast other local features that contribute to a feeling of wellbeing. This might be intangibles like friendly neighbours, but can also be quantified; for 64% of people, local restaurants are seen as important in building a sense of community.

52% of homebuyers look to be within a 20-min walk of a public green space or park.  family park

Of course, for some people that feeling of being at home relies more on natural features than community ones. 52% of homebuyers look to be within a 20-min walk of a public green space or park, and this corresponds with research that green space can have tangible effects on both physical and mental health. In fact, developers increasingly see the benefit of designing new homes developments with access to green space in mind. When searching for a home, consider not only the house itself but also the community that surrounds it. Finding a neighbourhood that offers opportunities for exercising, relaxing and socialising can make a significant difference in creating a true home.

The most important factor people value in their current homes is perhaps the most intangible, the significance of the memories made there. This is another quality that is rooted in the human psyche, in the complexities of memory and the importance all humans attach to the recollections of special people and significant moments. It is exactly because our memories are so elusive that the physical spaces we connect to them, in the form of our homes, come to hold such significance. 43% of home owners say they experience grief, a sense of loss or sadness when they move – partly because they feel that the loss of the physical space loosens their grip on the special memories made there. The right people and experiences can make any space feel special, even lacking in physical or emotional comforts. Yet conversely, when we feel at home in a place due to other important factors, such as comfort and community, we are more likely to create positive and enduring memories. Whilst the emotional ties we have to our homes are sacred, when you upgrade to a home that better suits your needs you are gaining much more, acquiring the perfect blank canvas to create even more precious memories.

The depth of the emotional connection that people have with their homes is difficult to explain, just as the concept of home itself is hard to nail down. While budget and condition are practical considerations when searching for a new home, the emotional response evoked by the environment should not be overlooked. Finding a house that aligns with your wish list is a significant step toward finding a place that truly feels like home. Remember to consider personalisation, community, and the potential for creating lasting memories. By honouring both the practical and emotional aspects, you can discover a home that not only meets your needs but also touches your heart.

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